About us

Demetrix is named after Demeter, the Greek goddess of the harvest. Nature is our source and our inspiration.

Many of today's medicines are derived from nature. Evolution has devised exquisite chemistry to produce compounds that interact with us, and our pathogens, with pin-point accuracy. Demetrix is harvesting billions of years of evolution to make the best, natural medicines in a smart and responsible way. 

Demetrix brings together world-class expertise to produce nature's medicines through fermentation. We work hard to find the best of nature's medicines and understand the genes that produce them.

Then we carefully introduce those genes into domesticated microbes to make our medicines available to all who need them.


Our technology

We bring together pioneering expertise from around the globe in genetics, bioengineering, and data science to understand and harvest biology into bio-inspired medicines.

From genes

Ours is the age of genes. In our lifetimes, leap-frog advances in genetics and computing have enabled deciphering how genes encode biochemistry and complex behaviors.


To strains

Meanwhile, DNA design and construction technology enables re-purposing common microbial hosts such as baker's yeast into chemical factories.


To medicines

At Demetrix, we engineer strains to produce co-evolved and bio-inspired medicines and nutraceuticals for our age.

Our founders

Bring decades of experience at the forefront of biotechnology, genomics, and medicine.


Jay Keasling


A pioneer in biotechnology and microbial engineering, Dr. Keasling's lab at UC Berkeley engineered baker's yeast to produce the anti-malarial artemisinic acid. Today, the same technology has shipped millions of low-cost treatments to Africa. Dr. Keasling also founded the DOE Joint BioEnergy Institute (JBEI), an interdisciplinary lab that engineers microbes to produce fuels and materials for the age beyond petroleum. Dr. Keasling's labs have spun-off several companies based on his research. In addition to founder at Demetrix, Dr. Keasling is a professor at UC Berkeley, CEO of JBEI, and Chief Science and Technology Officer for Biosciences at Berkeley National Lab.


William Haseltine


With a career spanning HIV biology, cancer, and human genomics, Dr. Haseltine brings decades of experience in medicine and entrepeneurship to Demetrix. Dr. Haseltine was previously professor and founder of two departments at Harvard Medical School, one on HIV/AIDS and one on cancer biology. After fundamental breakthroughs in HIV biology, Dr. Haseltine led Human Genome Sciences, one of the first companies to apply recent discoveries in genetics to treat disease, and founded several other biotechnology companies. In addition to serving as CEO at Demetrix, Dr. Haseltine leads the Haseltine Foundation for Science and the Arts, and ACCESS Health International, both non-profits in health and the humanities.


We're hiring! An early-stage start-up, we're looking for dedicated, experienced, and creative people to add to our team. We offer competitive incentives and benefits.

Our mission is to combine the right DNA, in the right microbes, to make the right medicines. We welcome applicants of any and all backgrounds with demonstrated abilities in the skills required to meet our mission. Ideal candidates will bring skills listed for multiple job posts and be willing to tackle all challenges in a start-up environment. We will consider applicants seeking positions at different levels of seniority and experience. All jobs are full-time and located in the San Francisco Bay area.

Take a look below at our job postings and apply.  If there's a match, we will be in touch.