About us

All the ingredients for success

It takes life experience to bring ingredients to life. With a team of industry veterans, we’re well on our way to success.

We bring ingredients to life

Demetrix is named for Demeter, the Greek goddess of the harvest. Nature is our source and inspiration. 

Many of the medicines and ingredients we depend on come from nature. However, they are often not accessible or are unsustainable to harvest. This means many of nature’s remedies remain out of reach.

Demetrix works to make nature’s rare ingredients readily accessible for healthier, happier lives. By combining baker's yeast and fermentation with the most advanced science and automation, we’re able to produce complex, sustainable ingredients – at high purity and low cost. 

Cannabis under the microscope 
The cannabis plant has been used to treat people for thousands of years. Cannabinoids are the active components in the plant that help fight inflammation and infection, and soothe us. In fact, cannabinoids have the potential to help people with many different health issues. 

Unfortunately, there is not a lot of research to prove this potential because so many cannabinoids are simply not accessible. They are found in very low levels in the plant and cannot be extracted for study. And they are definitely not affordable.  

We’re initially focusing on cannabinoids to build our portfolio of ingredients. Soon, Demetrix will be producing even the rarest cannabinoids at affordable prices using our breakthrough technology. The result? Much-needed access to explore how these amazing ingredients can promote health and wellness.  

Expertise meets experience
With a staff of industry experts, we have extensive experience commercializing products – from early R&D, to regulatory approval, to industrial production. 

Demetrix was founded in 2015. Since then, we have built a state-of-the-art research and development center to bring affordable ingredients to all. 

Every one of our products is produced and sold in adherence to all federal regulations, including safety compliance.