About us

Demetrix is named after Demeter, the Greek goddess of the harvest. Nature is our source and our inspiration.

Many of today's medicines are derived from nature. Evolution has devised exquisite chemistry to produce compounds that interact with us, and our pathogens, with pin-point accuracy. Demetrix is harvesting billions of years of evolution to make the best, natural medicines in a smart and responsible way. 

Demetrix brings together world-class expertise to produce nature's medicines through fermentation. We work hard to find the best of nature's medicines and understand the genes that produce them.

Then we carefully introduce those genes into domesticated microbes to make our medicines available to all who need them.


Our technology

We bring together pioneering expertise from around the globe in genetics, bioengineering, and data science to understand and harvest biology into bio-inspired medicines.

From genes

Ours is the age of genes. In our lifetimes, leap-frog advances in genetics and computing have enabled deciphering how genes encode biochemistry and complex behaviors.


To strains

Meanwhile, DNA design and construction technology enables re-purposing common microbial hosts such as baker's yeast into chemical factories.


To medicines

At Demetrix, we engineer strains to produce co-evolved and bio-inspired medicines and nutraceuticals for our age.